New Year, New You, New Financial Promise

Quick: how long does it take for the average person to break a New Year’s resolution? According to a poll from NYPost, it only takes 32 days for an average person to break their New Year’s resolution. So, should you give up making New Year’s resolutions entirely?

No. Instead, make a resolution that takes less than thirty days to accomplish.

A new year truly can mean a new you, especially a new “financial you,” and it can be accomplished in a lot less time than you think. If you’re like most people, you have either racked up a significant amount of debt by the end of the year, or you have goals and plans for 2022 that require capital that you simply don’t have access to at this moment. Either way, a personal loan can be the solution to this problem…a solution you can have in days, not weeks. 

The Financial Promise of Financial Repair

Perhaps you’ve vowed that 2022 is finally the year when you get your finances in order: pay off credit cards, old collection accounts, medical bills that have been hanging over you or even IRS debt. A personal loan can be the first step towards financial repair and the promise of a life free of financial stress. With a personal loan, you can consolidate all these different monthly payments into one payment, oftentimes at a lower net cost. This eliminates collections, phone calls, multiple monthly payments…and a lot of stress.

A personal loan used for debt consolidation can also pave the way to a better financial situation in your future. By closing multiple credit card accounts and erasing collections, your credit score will increase. In fact, personal lenders like Credit Direct Loans offer their best clients the opportunity to refinance their loan at a lower interest rate once the customer establishes a history of timely payments and improved credit. This means that your payments can actually decrease over time, or your loan can be paid off faster.

The “Snowball Effect” Of Personal Loans For Business Capital

Perhaps this is the year you promised to finally start your own business? Take that amazing idea you’ve had and turn it into profit. A personal loan may be your best choice for start-up capital, especially if you do not have a current relationship with a bank, a home as collateral, or the patience to navigate the complex waters of obtaining a Small Business Administration Loan.

Best of all, a personal loan can pay for itself with a successful business. The more profitable your business becomes, the easier it is to pay off the loan, and the quicker you can pay it off, too. And by establishing good credit in this manner, you’ll find that a personal loan can actually be the least expensive way to get quick capital for your ventures. Personal loans can be obtained for as little as 4.99% interest, whereas the average credit card has an interest rate starting at 16.5%.

Make Some Dreams Come True This Year

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a major life event planned for 2022. Perhaps this is the year when you finally travel around the world, or build that new room addition on your house, or get married and start a family? A personal loan can make all of these dreams come true.

There’s no limit – and no requirement – to what you can do with the proceeds from a personal loan. Go explore Europe, Africa or whatever exotic location you’ve always wondered about; plan your dream wedding on the beach; build the nursery that will house your children. With payments that can go from one year to five years, there’s a way to afford the dreams you’ve put off for too many years.

So go ahead…toast the new year, make those resolutions, dreams those dreams. But don’t let time slip by until 2022 becomes just like the other years. Make a vow for a new year, a new you and a new financial promise. Contact Credit Direct, speak to an experienced loan counselor, and find out how a personal loan can help this be the best year yet!

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