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Getting an auto loan to buy a car is the typical way to finance. However, there are circumstances where a personal loan is the better deal for your wheels.

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If you’re getting a car, it just makes sense to get an auto loan, right? Right. Except when the car of your dreams is being sold by the owner and not at a dealership. Or if you like the oldies-but-goodies and the car is vintage with too many miles on it. Or you already have the car; you just need a spare parts junker to go with it.

When the auto loan doesn’t pan out, it makes sense to use a personal loan for your new car purchase. With a $40,000 limit, a personal auto purchase loan from Credit Direct gives you a lot of leeway to get the car of your dreams–whether it goes zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds or it has to be pushed up the driveway. Whatever kind of car you get, our job is to make sure you can get it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Unlike an auto loan, a personal loan pays off the seller. Your payments go entirely to the personal loan while you drive around in a car that’s all yours.

It depends on your credit, who you’re buying the car from, the type of car you want to get and the age of the car, among other factors. Contact us to discuss your options.

Yes! Personal loans are flexible, in that you can do whatever you want with them. You can borrow however much you need, up to $40,000, for whatever you want.

Personal loan to buy a car

“Craig took care of us from the moment we applied. He is extremely personable and he put our minds at ease that we were making good decisions. We were treated like we mattered which does not always happen when you have less than perfect credit. I would highly recommend them, such a great and easy experience.”

-Sharon of Dallas, TX
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