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Major Purchase

While others stare in dismay at the remains of their busted dryer, you know that Credit Direct has a personal loan for just this sort of thing. Yes, we even make major purchases easier.

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Own The Unexpected

When life throws you that next curveball, use a personal loan from Credit Direct to knock it out of the park. You don’t have to let unexpected events stress you out; you can show them who’s boss. 

The best part about a personal loan is you can do with it what you want. So, if the unexpected gets busy with one of those 1-2-3 hitters where your dryer breaks, the kitchen sink springs a leak and your car blows a tire, you have it all covered. With an emergency loan from us, it’s that easy. You do you and let Credit Direct handle the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! That trip to the emergency room because you broke your arm is good to go. Personal loans are there to help in whatever emergency (or non-emergency) situation you have going on in your life.

It depends on your financial situation, but Credit Direct offers loans up to $40,000. We haven’t done the math, but that’s a lot of new dryers.

We believe surprises belong at birthdays. With Credit Direct, you have one monthly payment with a fixed interest rate on a set day every month for a specific length of time. There’s no confusion about when it’s due, how much your monthly payment is or how long the loan is for. Surprise!

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Finance major purchase through Credit Direct

“Had an excellent experience with Credit Direct. David was more than helpful with guiding me through the process of obtaining my loan. I'm so glad everything worked out the it did. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much to the credit direct team!

-Bruce W.
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